It was only a matter of time.

People sometimes accuse Republicans of being behind the times when it comes to technology and social media, what with President Obama's tech-savvy White House and such. But no longer: they have mastered the art of Buzzfeed.

Check out the press release the House Energy and Commerce Committee issued Thursday on The Roller Coaster of Emotions on the Path to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline:

(Screengrab from House Energy & Commerce Committee Web site)

Yes, it's got a gif of Jim Carrey grinning and shrugging his shoulders at the news that TransCanada first applied for a presidential permit to build the massive pipeline spanning from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The press release also features Jimmy Fallon doing an arm dance at his desk in response to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's comment when she was asked about approval of the pipeline in October 2010 and she replied, "We are inclined to do so." And, at the end, there's a woman slamming her hand down in frustration because "after five years, when the president has still not approved Keystone XL, [he is] keeping America waiting for thousands of jobs and greater energy security."

In an e-mail, committee spokesman Sean Bonyun wrote the panel decided to take a different approach this time to the long-running political battle over the project.

"To mark five years of waiting, the committee sought to provide a fresh perspective on the arduous Keystone XL application process - it has been a roller coaster of emotions in the collective effort to put folks back to work," he wrote.

Now, the GOP hasn't quite perfected their digital approach, given that lawmakers and their staff started posting on such critical national policy issues as Sir Stuffington, a one-eyed cat-turned pirate, Buzzfeed's lead story Friday morning. But they're getting closer.