Yes, the 2012 election is in our collective rearview mirror but we came across a fascinating chart -- courtesy of Ravi Parikh -- that we had to share.

In the chart below, Parikh  combines state-by-state voter turnout  with the winning margin in each state for President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Our biggest takeaway from the chart? Of the 10 states with the highest voter turnout, Obama won all 10 of them.  Romney's first win in a high turnout state was in North Carolina where 64.6 percent of the voting eligible population -- tied for the 11th highest in the country -- cast a ballot.

Obama's clean sweep of the top 10 included a number of swing states: Wisconsin (2nd with 72.1 percent turnout), Colorado (3rd, 70.3 percent), New Hampshire (4th, 70.1 percent), Iowa (5th, 69.9 percent), Virginia (7th, 66.4 percent), Michigan (10th, 64.7 percent) and Ohio (11th [tied], 64.6 percent.

President Obama's voter identification and mobilization advantage over Romney has been well documented at this point. But rarely have we seen its importance expressed in such compelling terms.