Virginia state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli accused former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe of lying about his record on women's issues in an interview for Post TV's "In Play".

"Take birth control, my opponent is flat out lying and he knows he’s lying," said Cuccinelli of a new ad McAuliffe's campaign is running in the Virginia governor's race. "I do not support government playing a role in adults' choices about contraception. Just don’t, period. Haven’t in the past, he would like to say that I have, but I haven’t. And I'm committing to not doing that in the future."

(Of the ad, the Post's Jenna Johnson wrote: "The ad points to a so-called “personhood” bill that Cuccinelli co-sponsored in 2007 while a member of the Virginia Senate that would have added a line to the state’s Constitution stating that 'life begins at the moment of fertilization.' At the time, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said that such legislation could limit women’s access to preventative health care and contraception, including birth control medication.")

Cuccinnelli added that never before in his political career has he faced a Democratic candidate like McAuliffe. "I have never dealt with an opponent, and I've run against Democrats in all of my races, none of my preceding opponents have lied like this guy does, Cuccinelli said of McAuliffe. "It’s truly unique in terms of the regularity of it, the frequency and the comfort he has with it."

Stay tuned for more from the "In Play" interview with Cuccinelli in this space later today. (Note: We have also asked McAuliffe to sit down with "In Play" for an interview but he has, so far, declined.)