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The Fix’s ‘clean’ CR whip count

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Updated 11:37 a.m. Tuesday

As the government shutdown continues, some House Republicans say they would vote for a so-called "clean" continuing resolution -- as the Senate has already passed -- to end the shutdown.

That number is now at about the level (21) that would be needed to pass a "clean" CR out of the House. That's because all 200 Democrats support a clean CR, and 217 votes are needed to pass it.

(Boehner has yet to allow a vote on it and may not because the vote violates the "Hastert Rule" -- i.e. doesn't have the support of a majority of Republicans. But as support in the House grows, Democrats will increase pressure on Boehner to do just that.)

As more Republicans and Democrats jump on -- or off -- board, we'll be keeping tabs on who is calling for a "clean CR." So check back often and click refresh.