The country is three days away from breaching the debt ceiling, a failure to pay the national credit card that could have widespread and long-lasting reverberations on the national and global economy. And yet, despite some dire warnings about the dangers of not raising the debt ceiling, there is still a significant chunk of Republicans who simply don't believe it would be all that bad.

In a Pew Research Center poll released last week, 54 percent of self-identified GOPers said the country could go past the debt deadline "without major economic problems." Two thirds of Republicans who identify with the tea party said going past the deadline would not cause major economic harm.

That sentiment was on full display at the Values Voter Summit, an annual gathering of social conservatives in Washington.  Asked to finish the sentence "the debt ceiling is _______," people chose words such as "unsustainable," "irresponsible," "out of control"  and "inexcusable."