Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spent more than three hours answering friendly and not-so-friendly questions from the members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday morning.

But, the entire hearing -- which was really a series of speeches and rhetorical questions couched in a "discussion" -- can be summed up in one GIF. (We'll have a longer analysis in this space shortly.)

Here it is -- courtesy of WaPo's Sarah Parnass:

That's Sebelius responding to Mississippi Rep. Gregg Harper (R) as he sought to get her to admit that President Obama ultimately bore responsibility for the problems with the health care law's rollout. (She didn't admit any such thing.)

In a sign that you can get something to mean whatever you want it to mean, both Democrats and Republicans seized on the moment as a victory for their side.

Democrats insisted that Sebelius' dismissal was the only appropriate response to the leading and accusatory questions she faced from Republicans on the committee. Republicans argued that it was evidence that Sebelius simply didn't/doesn't understand the gravity of the situation.

Ah, politics.