Ever wonder where, specifically, all of the cash that floods into political campaigns comes from? We do, too.

That's why this new map from the Sunlight Foundation is so awesome. It details total donations to candidates, party committees and PACs from each county in the country for every two-year election cycle between 1990 and 2012.

There's so much amazing data here to mine, but here are the eight counties where individual contributions topped $50 million during the 2012 cycle.

1. Los Angeles County (Calif.): $149 million

2. Clark County (Nev.): $128 million

3. Harris County (Tex.): $104 million

4. Cook County (Ill.): $101 million

5. Dallas County (Tex.): $94 million

6. Palm Beach County (Fla.): $52 million

7. Fairfield County (Conn.): $52 million

8. Middlesex County (Mass.): $50 million