As news of a temporary deal on Iran's nuclear program began leaking out Saturday night, the White House released two photos of President Obama in talks with some of his top foreign policy advisers.  The pictures -- both taken by White House photographer Pete Souza -- show an engaged President in serious conversation.

White House photographers have joined the media fight for more access to the president. In Play takes a look at why they're so vital to the Fourth Estate. (The Washington Post)

It's the latest example of how the White House uses Souza to craft the image of the President that they want the public to see. (We wrote about how Souza was the White House's secret weapon back in December 2012.)  The White House's limiting of media photographers' access to the President has been a regular point of contention that bubbled up again this week when most of the large media organizations in the country sent a letter to the Administration complaining about its approach.

Here's the first photo, showing President Obama talking with White House chief of staff Denis McDonough as well as deputy National Security Advisors Tony Blinken and Ben Rhodes.

And here's the second with Blinken and Rhodes:

Remember that these photos are two of the (undoubtedly) many that Souza took during the day Saturday. The White House chose to release these two for a reason.