What would America look like if it were just the stereotypes of autocomplete?

Keir Clarke made a map that shows just that. In his, he pulls in what Yahoo autocomplete suggests to complete the phrase: “[State or city name] is ______.” The suggestions from Yahoo autocomplete track commonly searched phrases and suggest them as users type in what they're searching for. The result is a hilarious map, full of stereotypes and insults about America's cities and states.

Here are ten of America’s cities, as characterized by Yahoo autocomplete:
1. Washington is hollywood for ugly people
2. Chicago is so two years ago
3. Des Moines is not boring
4. San Francisco is a lonely town
5. Dallas is back
6. New Orleans is below sea level.
7. Los Angeles is burning
8. New York is killing me.
9. Boston is a brotherhood.
10. Cincinnati is haunted.

To check out your city or state and explore the map further, click here.