Jay Carney, former reporter and current White House press secretary, feuded with the press corps today over the strictures the administration has put on access to the president -- most notably for photographers and video-journalists. (NOTE: The Washington Post has signed a letter along with a number of other news organizations protesting the White House's policy.)

Since the debate was primarily about photographers' chance (or lack thereof) to document the president's days, we thought it made sense to tell the story of "Jay vs. the media" in pictures. Seven of them to be exact. (If still pictures aren't enough for you, click here to watch some of the "highlights.")

1. It all started so peacefully.

2. Then Jay started getting concerned.

3. Like, really concerned. And also a little sad.

4. Then came the pointing.

5. And the "let me finish."

6. And the doing whatever this is.

7. When it was all over, Jay was still smiling. But maybe not so much on the inside.