Ohio has long been known as the single swingiest state in the country when it comes to presidential politics. Now, the Buckeye State can claim another moniker: The swearing-est state in the country.

Ohioans curse once every 150 conversations, according to Marchex, a mobile ad company that examined 600,000 phone calls made from consumers to businesses over the past year.  By comparison, Washingtonians -- the state not the city -- swear only once every 300 conversations.  Two surprises -- at least to us -- from the data: Maryland is the second-sweariest state in the country and Massachusetts is the second least likely to use curses. (Massachusetts? How do you like them apples?)

Marchex used the same process to determined which states say "please" and "thank you" the most--  and the least.

The most courteous states are clumped in the South -- which makes sense.  Ohio cracks the top 5 in the least courteous list, the only state to make it onto both lists. (Mental note: Don't move to Ohio unless you love swearing and impoliteness.)