Here's the good news for President Obama: More than one in five Americans see his signature health-care law as his greatest achievement.

But there's bad news for him, too: Thirty-six percent say it's been his biggest failure.

That's all according to a new Gallup poll released Monday that reinforces an enduring reality of Obamacare: It's a very polarizing law.

Unsurprisingly, political party affiliation has a lot to do with whether people think of Obamacare as a crowning achievement or an utter disaster.

Thirty-nine percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the law has been Obama's best achievement, while just 5 percent of Republican leaners say the same thing. And twice as many Republican leaners (50 percent) as Democratic leaners (25 percent) say the health-care law has been Obama's biggest failure.

There is some common ground between the parties on some other issues, though. Ending wars and bringing home American troops places high atop the best achievement list for both Democrats and Republicans. So does the killing of Osama bin Laden, which tops the list of Obama's accomplishments in the eyes of Republicans.