The final 48 hours of 2013 are upon us! What better way to spend those hours than looking ahead to the packed political schedule in 2014 and making a few fearless -- if not foolproof -- predictions about the year to come? Right? Am I right?

Carnac the Magnificent

We kicked things off in our Monday column for the newspaper with three predictions for 2014:

1. The battle for Senate control will come down to Louisiana and North Carolina. And it may not be decided on election day -- or anywhere close to it.

2.  The House is not in play.

3. Obamacare will be the issue of the midterms.

We asked a few political types to send us their fearless predictions too.  Here's a few.

* Tom Davis (former Virginia Republican Congressman): "Republicans pick up Senate seat in Hawaii. Charles Djou will pick up the pieces of a late, bitter, internal Democratic primary that has generational and ethnic complications. Without a Presidential race to galvanize and polarize voters, the race will be  a local cat fight."

* Dave Carney (Republican media consultant and adviser to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott):  "Wendy Davis will lose the Texas governorship by the same or slightly less  margin than Bill White did four years ago." (White lost by 13 points.)

* Rob Stutzman (California-based Republican consultant): "Dan Schnur will become the first No Party Preference candidate to win statewide office under the new system when he wins the Secretary of State race.  Schnur's victory will be deemed impossible under the old election system and his victory will be hailed as evidence that a political middle can emerge via top two general elections."

Now we want to hear from you. What's YOUR fearless political prediction for 2014? Be creative -- we'll feature some of the best ones at the bottom of this post.

A few predictions from the comments section....
* "vtavgjoe": Obamacare will be a sideshow in 2014 - most single issues have a lifespan of one election, and that one came in 2010. This time it will prevent upsets in deep red states that are mostly already decided anyway.  My off-the-wall prediction is that Paul LePage will again manage to split the independent and democrat opposition and somehow win a second term as governor of Maine.