In the midst of college bowl season, we thought now might be a good time to remind people that politics doesn't pay. Or, at  least it doesn't pay nearly as well as coaching.

This amazing map -- which comes from a terrific Deadspin article in 2013 -- shows the highest paid state employee in every state. More than 80 percent (41 of the 50 states) are coaches -- either of the state university's football (27), basketball (13) or hockey (1) programs. The remaining 10 are either college presidents, medical school/law school deans or a plastic surgeon in the medical school (Nevada, natch). Zero of the 50 are governors or any other elected politician in the state.

This map also remind us of the best/worst moment of longtime UConn basketball head coach Jim Calhoun's career -- when he was asked about being the highest paid employee in the state.