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Where every president was born, in 1 map

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Everyone knows that Virginia is the cradle of presidents.   (If you don't know it, just ask any Virginian and they are likely to tell you within five minutes.) But, did you know there have been as many presidents born in Vermont as in Texas? Or that Florida has never had someone born in the state be elected president?

This cool map by Reddit user Pete8789 shows the states where each of our 43 presidents were born.

A few interesting observations:

* Ohio is the birthplace of seven presidents, second only to Virginia's eight. But, Ohio hasn't elected a president since Warren Harding in 1920. And Harding didn't even last a full term, dying in 1923. (Random Warren Harding factoid: His size 14 shoes were the largest of any president.)

* Texas' two native-born presidents aren't who you think they are.  Neither George H.W. Bush (Massachusetts) nor George W. Bush (Connecticut) were born in the Lone Star State. The two? Lyndon Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower. (Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas.)

* Vermont is the smallest state with the biggest presidential punch as the birthplace of both Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge.

* California has produced only a single president -- and it was Republican Richard Nixon.

As for the potential 2016 field, here's a look at where some of the top tier candidates were born and whether they would be the first president elected from their home state.


* Chris Christie (New Jersey). He would be the second Garden State native ever elected. Grover Cleveland was the first.

* Ted Cruz (Calgary, Alberta).  Read this Fix piece on whether or not Cruz is eligible to run for president.

* Rand Paul (Pennsylvania). The Kentucky Senator would follow in the footsteps of James Buchanan as a native Pennsylvanian to win the presidency.

* Marco Rubio (Florida). Rubio would be the first native Floridian to be elected president.

* Scott Walker (Colorado). The Wisconsin governor would be the first Coloradoan to be chief executive.


* Joe Biden (Pennsylvania).  See Rand Paul. Also, Scranton.

* Hillary Clinton (Illinois). What if the two presidents elected from Illinois were Clinton and Ronald Reagan?

* Martin O'Malley (D.C.). O'Malley would be the first president ever born in the District although some people would argue Al Gore, another District native, should have been president in 2000.

* Elizabeth Warren (Oklahoma). Oklahoma has never had a native son or daughter elected president.