“Ted Cruz. Well, I think that he is a wonderful speaker, wonderful writer, wonderful humanitarian; I think we all aspire to be like him.”

And with that, Will Tracy, editor in chief of the Onion since 2012, launched into a rant typical of the 25-year-old satirical publication he oversees.

Will Tracy, editor in chief of The Onion, sits down with Chris Cillizza to discuss how his writers craft satire and what he thinks of some prominent politicians. (Jeff Simon/The Washington Post)

“I think everyone in America, [Cruz is] the one figure that everyone can agree on, that everyone can say ‘Okay, we may disagree on Politician A or Politician B, but Ted Cruz is someone who we can all gather around the dinner table and say this guy is good.’”

And, yes, in case you were wondering, Tracy does appear to be kidding.