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The State of the Union in 11 GIFs and pictures

Exhausted? Us too. But before we say goodbye to the State of the Union for another year, we thought we'd have some fun with it. (Gasp!) Throughout the night, we gathered pictures and GIFs that made us laugh.  Our 11 favorites are below.

1. Barack Obama. He points! He smiles! He bites his lip!

2. John Boehner, sad. Resigned? Tired? Bemused? (This is the best Boehner face since this one.)

3. When it comes to face-making, Joe Biden is a king of kings.

4. I could watch this all day.

5. Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro liked what she heard. A lot. I mean, a real lot.

6. So did Mitch McConnell. Double(!) thumbs up!

7. Heck, even Ted Cruz was all smiles.

8. Willie Robertson was just happy to be there.

9. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was, well, less happy to be there.

10. But Biden and Boehner stole the night.

11. I mean ... amazing.