Christie (Mel Evans/AP)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Mel Evans/AP)

The revival of immigration reform and allegations that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) knew more than he let on about the alleged politics behind bridge lane closures in his state were the key items of interest on the Sunday morning political talk shows.

The scandal swirling around Christie escalated late last week when the lawyer for a former New Jersey official said "evidence exists" that shows Christie knew about the lane closures as they happened. But key Republicans said it's too soon to demand that Christie step down as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, which raised $50 million last year.

Meanwhile, several officials were pressed about the revival of immigration reform. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) was optimistic, although he said it wasn't clear that reform would be able to make it to the president's desk this year. Ryan also criticized the president's strategy of using his executive powers to make changes to laws and policies without going through Congress.

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