Former "American Idol" Clay Aiken's announcement that he plans to run for a congressional seat in North Carolina earned little more than guffaws in most political circles where Aiken is considered a very long shot. But at least one voter - although not one who lives in North Carolina -- would really like to see the has-been pop star succeed: Amanda Jonas, a D.C. teacher and long-time Aiken fan. She sent the Post a collection of campaign slogans she's already dreamed up for her idol's -- get it? -- campaign.

Clay Aiken in a 2012 interview with Access Hollywood. (Access Hollywood/Youtube)

Got your own bad puns or American Idol jokes? Send them to and we'll add them to this post. Jonas' suggestions are below.

  1. We knew that America's economy was hurting. What we didn’t know was that it was really just Aiken for Clay.
  2. On Election Day this November, let America decide how we Measure a Man.
  3. Clay Aiken: the first time in history that a politician will break the mold.
  4. America has enough politicians. What we really need is an American Idol.
  5. America is sick of all the red tape in Congress. But the only red Clay Aiken knows about is the red carpet.
  6. Simon Says: Vote Clay Aiken on November 4th.
  7. America you voted and the results are in! Your next American Idol U.S. Congressman is Clay Aiken.
  8. He may have placed second to Reuben, but on November 4th, he will be first in the polls.
  9. Clay Aiken: at least the last time this man lost the popular vote, he didn't ask for a recall.
  10. In 2003 they called themselves "Claymates." In 2014 they will call themselves Voters.
  11. If you're worried that dirty Washington politics will infect Clay Aiken, don't worry. He went to Hollywood and all he got was frosted tips.
  12. Simon Cowell told Clay Aiken that he didn't look like a pop star. But people told Abraham Lincoln he didn't look like a politician.