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20. This 2000 dispatch from Farmers Weekly: "Cherie Blair, the Prime Minister's wife, received a red rose and a Valentine's Day card from an unlikely source on Monday -- pig farmers manning the industry vigil in Parliament Square. Politicians and tourists visiting the Houses of Parliament were also met with the sight of pig farmers modelling a T-shirt carrying the 'romantic' slogan, 'Pork: The One You Love'. "We have found it is the silly things that have raised the media profile of the vigil, such as naming our pig Cherie and giving the Prime Minister a wheelbarrow of pig manure for his garden," said vigil organiser, Jane Guise. 'We have found it is the silly things that have raised the media profile of the vigil, such as naming our pig Cherie and giving the Prime Minister a wheelbarrow of pig manure for his garden,' said vigil organiser, Jane Guise."

19. The fact that Mitt Romney did not use sand art to woo voters in 2012.

18. These two sentences: "It's easy to lose sight of the real meaning of Valentine's Day amid the budget proposal, the health care debate, and the Chris Leescandal. We review the spots around the capital city that have hosted our politicians in their most romantic moments."

17. This excerpt from a Washington Post story in dance clubs in 1997: "Washington is not a romantic town. We work too much and arrange dates by voice mail. We meet, we marry, we mortgage. We eat out at restaurants, but we do not linger until the wee hours, swaying slowly to old love songs. Politicians don't dance. Lobbyists don't dance. Lawyers only dance if they can bill the hours. Ask the average couple to name the last time they got dressed up and went out for dinner and dancing -- nothing complicated, just an excuse to hold each other close -- and you get a blank look and a laugh."

16. David Ishii, who started and ended several political campaigns in Seattle last year, had a campaign Web site that featured "an animated elephant that bounds across the screen while farting a cloud that reads 'Happy Valentines Day.'" His platform included pushing City Hall to create a "google-like search engine." He also gave great interviews. "In a telephone conversation, he said he used to golf with Al Capone. When told that Al Capone had been dead for some time, he had a quick comeback. 'That’s a pseudonym.'"

15. In 2005, Bill and Hillary Clinton only spent one day together in February — Valentine's Day.

14. When asked what he was doing with Callista for Valentine's Day in 2014, Newt Gingrich said, with a smirk on his face, "All I can promise is that I believe she will be quite happy ... I think for the first time in a while we'll have a private dinner and just hopefully exchange gifts and, you know reconnect a little bit."

13. On Feb. 14, 1983, ''The Little Black Book: A Guide to the 100 Most Eligible Men -Washington, D.C." was published.

12. The second season of "House of Cards" premieres on Valentine's Day. "House of Cards" is about politicians and other D.C. residents doing very bad things. Many not-so-fictional D.C. residents will be spending the night glued to their T.V. screen. One Democratic consultant told the Patriot News, "[My wife] Jaclyn and I actually considered having Valentine's on Saturday so we could spend all Friday night watching."

11. Eliot Spitzer booked a room at the Mayflower Hotel on Feb. 13, and escort Ashley Alexandra Dupré was seen leaving the following day.

10. When they were dating in 1934, Lyndon Johnson thought it would be a good idea to send Lady Bird "Nazism: An Assault on Civilization" as a gift.

AND 9. When LBJ sent Lady Bird a book on Nazism when they were dating in 1934, she was thrilled.

8. On Feb. 14 during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, a reporter on the Hillary beat asked the candidate to give his girlfriend a call.

7. Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis once gave his wife Kitty a waffle iron for Valentine's Day.

6. In 1993, 39 percent of Canadians would rather spend Valentine's Day alone than go out to dinner with a politicians. The prime minister at the time, Brian Mulroney, was the most popular pick for those who'd rather not dine alone, with 8 percent.

5. President Martin Van Buren did not mention his wife once in his autobiography.

4. An excerpt from a 1985  guide to making politicians more romantic in The Washington Post: "Forget it. Incurably unromantic, except at press conferences and on campaign posters. Will only kiss babies, and then only if it's an election year."

3. "Every year when The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful list comes out, Scott Cunningham collects as many copies as he can. He stuffs them neatly into envelopes and sends them to all his colleagues with a handwritten note that reads: "You are number 51!"

2. In a 2005 survey conducted by eCrush.com, " a top teen social networking Web site," teenagers voted Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards as the "Most Crushable" politicians. Jed Barlett, the fictional president of "The West Wing," also got some votes.

1. The Republican National Committee's annual Valentine's Day cards.

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