With the East Coast socked in with snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain, the regular workweek has come to a sliding halt.

A man photographs the snow covered Lincoln Memorial in Washington February 13, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

What better way then to spend a snowed-in day than to read some of those stories you just haven't had time to get to over the past few weeks or months? (The Fix bedside table is stacked with pieces I saved for a day just like this one.) We spent the morning harvesting some of the best long, snow reads from the WaPo staff. They're below. Have one we missed? Add it to the comments section or tweet it to #dcsnowreads.

* The wonkiest wonk in the White House via @eilperin

* Chris Christie's entire career reeks via @ktumulty

* Robert Gates: A man still at war via @rachel_dry

* Planet Hillary via @thefix

* 91 minutes with Philippe Reines via @aaronblakewp

* Red state, blue states move in opposite directions in new era of single party control via @sfcpoll

* Can Wendy Davis have it all via @edatpost

* With cancer under control, Jesse Ferguson keeps message under control too via @rachel_dry

* Give me amendments or give me death via @aaronblakewp

* After Va. Tech, a long struggle over gun laws via @sfcpoll 

* WANTED: A sugar daddy to fund my 2016 presidential campaign via @timgrieve

And, of course, since we live in the selfie age, when you are done with all that reading why not check out some cold snaps from the snowstorm via @coryhaik?