Welcome back to Five Questions!

Today, meet Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego, a 34-year-old state legislator and former Marine who served in Iraq. Gallego was quick last week to announce that he is running for the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.). Pastor's seat is safely Democratic, meaning the August primary is where the real action will be found. Gallego could find himself in a crowded field that may even include Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

Below is our Five Questions segment in video form, along with a transcript of the discussion, edited for brevity.

1. Your campaign announcement was a brief tweet. Are you that quick and to the point in real life?

Usually I am, yes. It's kind of always been my nature, and also in the Marine Corps, you try to leave no subtlety -- especially if you're in the infantry like I was. At war you can't really be subtle when you're trying to give people orders or give orders or instructions or you're getting orders or giving instructions.

2. You went to Harvard. What was your fall-back school?

Yale. I'm just kidding. (Laughter.). Community College. I applied to about five really high-level schools and I applied to a couple of state schools, and then community college.

3. Yes or no: Immigration reform gets passed during this Congress. 

I hope so, so I'm going to say yes because I'm a hopeful person.

4. Next year's Super Bowl is in Arizona. Which teams are going to be playing in it?

It's going to be the (Arizona) Cardinals versus the ... (Indianapolis) Colts.

5. You proposed to your now-wife at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. How'd that go down?

My then-girlfriend Kate told me that whenever I decided to do it, she wanted something exciting and she didn't want me to do it at a restaurant or anything like that. I snuck the ring in had people in the audience make signs for her because I was the floor whip. Kate got in a couple hours later and I took to the phone and pretended there was a call and said, 'all right, we need the special signs.' And people put up the special signs, and I turned Kate around and asked her.