Anyone who reads -- or has ever read -- the Fix knows that I am a giant C-SPAN fanboy. Before Mrs. Fix and the junior Fixes arrived, I would occasionally spend a night just watching the House or Senate floor on C-SPAN.  (That sounds even nerdier than I thought it would.)

So, when I realized that C-SPAN marked its 35th anniversary of programming this week -- on Wednesday to be exact --  I immediately began casting back through my memory banks in search of my favorite moments from the network.  And I asked a few other members of the Fix posse for theirs too.  Using C-SPAN's awesome video library, a 35th anniversary Facebook page the network put together and the a little search engine I call "Google", I built an homage to my favorite network below.

What's your favorite C-SPAN moment?  Send me suggestions either in the comments section or at I'll update this post.

* Al Gore's, inaugural C-SPAN speaker.  ("Television will change this institution, Mr. Speaker, just as it has changed the executive branch, but the good will far outweigh the bad," Gore predicted.)

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* The handover, part 1

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* The handover, part 2

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* The handover, part 3


* Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz and "ba-dum-ch"


* The VERY rare C-SPAN wide shot of the chamber. (For the fascinating history of how this shot came to happen -- it involves then Speaker Tip O'Neill --- read this.)

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* Rep. Jim Nussle

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* When we all learned the name of the House stenographer.


* North Carolina Rep. George Holding, sleepy.

GIF courtesy of BuzzFeed


* "Beam Me Up, Mr. Speaker."

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* A 15-minute vote that lasted three hours.

Image courtesy of C-SPAN


* "I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, sliced by a Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian." -- Stephen Colbert


* Famous people make funny faces on Capitol Hill.

Image courtesy of Reddit


* That time Cher called into "Washington Journal".

* Baby + Rand Paul filibuster = Internet gold

Image courtesy of QuickMeme