Today is Twitter's 8th birthday. To celebrate, they released a new feature that let's you discover the first tweet of anyone using the social network. This is a very embarrassing service to offer. Recycled first tweets are like first pancakes you put in the freezer and forgot about, and then five years later someone found it and put it on Instagram without even using a filter. Or a picture of you in your very awkward youth making its way onto the Internet.

So, of course, we decided to take the best first tweets of politicians and sort them by flavor. Enjoy.

A Twitter logo is pictured in Ventura, California in this December 21, 2013 file photo. REUTERS/Eric Thayer/Files

There are the excited first tweets.

There are the confused first tweets.

There are Chuck Grassley first tweets.

There are ominous first tweets that end in ellipses.

There are first tweets about lunch.

There are first tweets that try 2 speak Internet

There are #humblebrag first tweets.

There are the first tweets with unnecessary live-tweeting.

And, there are the #hashtag #happy first tweets.