(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Vice President Biden was in New Hampshire on Tuesday, promoting himself workforce development. Biden has made no secret of his interest in running for president in 2016 -- it would be his third run for the nation's top office -- and is surely aware of New Hampshire's primacy in the presidential nominating fight.

As part of the trip, Biden toured XMA, a manufacturing company based in Manchester, N.H.  There he met Enis Sullivan. NPR's "It's All Politics" blog tells the story:

Enis Sullivan is 101 years old, and her granddaughter works at XMA, a high-tech manufacturing firm Biden visited to learn about its on-the-job training program. When the granddaughter learned Biden would be visiting her office, she made sure her mother and grandmother would be there to meet him. And meet him she did. "God, I love you, mom," Biden said, greeting Sullivan. There was a hug, a handshake, and a kiss on the cheek that looked like it could be heading for the lips. "I need a hug," said Biden going in for one of his trademark embraces. "I need a hug, too," replied Sullivan clearly tickled by the whole experience.

Joe Biden, hugger. That's our 1,000 words for the day.