As I noted over on Post Politics, a new poll shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) approval rating has stopped its free fall.

What's perhaps more interesting about the Monmouth University poll, though, is that people continue to, well, not really believe Christie about that whole bridge thing.

The poll shows 61 percent think he has not been completely honest about the matter (compared to just 32 percent who say he has been).

By the same token, though, 51 percent of New Jerseyans say they approve of the job Christie is doing, while 41 percent disapprove.

In other words, at least 12 percent of New Jerseyans -- about 1 in 8 -- think Christie isn't being honest about the bridge scandal but still approve of the job he's doing as governor anyway.

And at least 20 percent say he hasn't been honest but don't hold it against him enough to disapprove of him.

In most states, those two data points probably wouldn't square with each other.

In New Jersey? Fuggedaboudit...