The Fix is an unapologetic Starbucks guy. (When I go into the Starbucks closest to the Post, they know my name; I'm there that much.) So, when I came across this great map on Quartz using Starbucks data to detail drinks that were unusually popular in certain parts of the country I was intrigued, to say the least. (Click the map to see a bigger version.)

Image courtesy of Quartz/Starbucks

As Roberto A. Ferdman and David Yanofsky write over at Quartz:

Starbucks’ analysts looked at hundreds of millions of transactions at the chain’s coffee shops across the US, and they shared some of the trends they observed with Quartz. Unsurprisingly, the most popular drinks across the board were simple brewed coffee and lattes. Looking solely at volume, every region, state, and city would essentially have the same exact top preferences, with regular coffee by far the most common order, and lattes a distant second.

Looking at the country, it's not terribly surprising that cold/iced drinks are more popular in the southern half of the United States -- San Antonio (frappuccino), Phoenix (iced caramel macchiato) -- while hot drinks rule in most northern cities with Boston's love of iced coffee is an anomaly.

In other cities, the Starbucks drink that is unusually popular as compared to the rest of the country is remarkably fitting with stereotypes we have about those urban areas  For example, the green tea frappuccino reigns supreme in San Francisco San Diego, California. The eggnog late is the drink of choice in Portland, Oregon.

As for me, I have the most in common with Omaha, Nebraska ("somewhere in the middle of America") where my favorite order -- the mocha -- is the most popular.