After a hiatus that lasted more than a year, Vice President Biden fired up his Twitter account Monday morning.

Campaigns and election years appear to be Biden's preferred time to tweet from this account. That's not really a surprise given that it's manned by the Democratic Party. The vice-presidential office has its own account. Biden sent out his first @joebiden tweet on June 20, 2012 and proceeded to send updates to his 550,000 followers numerous times a week -- if not multiple times a day. That all stopped last January. Now it's back. On occasion of the account's return, let's take a look at a few of our favorite themes and tweets from Biden's Twitter account. We can only hope he's also dusted off his aviators.

1.) Biden rocking aviator sunglasses


2.) Biden rocking aviator sunglasses while holding a football on a field


3.) Biden's penchant for pumpkins - especially really large ones

  4.) Biden on the phone


  5.) Biden hanging out with Amy Poehler

6.) Biden delivering pizzas