Selfies are everywhere. It was the word of the year in 2013. Ellen DeGeneres did it at the Oscars. David Ortiz did it with President Obama. And, like all cultural phenomena that are ubiquitous, the selfie is poised to go the way of Gangnam Style, "You are the weakest link" and Paris Hilton -- reaching a point of overexposure that makes it collapse under its own weight.

The photo above is how you know that moment is near -- or maybe even upon us.  (It's sort of like how you can pinpoint the exact moment when Ralph Wiggum's heart breaks.) That's Connecticut Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal posing for a selfie during an event to promote library week at the Hartford Public Library on Monday. It was in support of a push to take a selfie while doing your favorite thing at the library. Like, reading?  (For the record, I have never taken a selfie -- knowing that the second I did it, the art of photographing yourself would jump the shark.)

Well, selfies, you had a good run.  See yourself out.