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Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for president. Just ask (and ask and ask ) her.

Three times  in the last 48 hours, Elizabeth Warren has been asked about her future political ambitions. And, three times -- albeit in slightly different ways -- she has made clear that she's not running for president.

Warren is in the midst of a media blitz tied to the release of her new memoir. Anytime a politician with a budding national profile releases a book and sits for the requisite interviews, it only fuels speculation about his or her future. If they deny presidential ambitions and later launch a campaign, those previous denials can come back to haunt them -- but not really. (See: Barack Obama in Jan. 2006 and Oct. 2006 on "Meet the Press.")

Warren's current media tour is no exception. Twice already she's answered the question by stating, "You can ask it a lot of different ways," before denying any plans. We're keeping tabs of the questions and her answers will update this post as the media tour continues.

* From "CBS Sunday Morning" on April 20:

Correspondent Mark Strassman: "Are you writing this book because you're at least still considering running for president in 2016?"

Warren: "I'm not running for president."

Strassman: "So there's no way you're going to run in 2016?"

Warren: "I'm not running for president. You can ask it lots of different ways. But I wrote this book because we can't wait longer. It's written out of gratitude for my start and the opportunities that America built for me, and how I think that's what we've got to do again. I'm committed to that."

(Watch the interview here.)

* From "ABC World News" on April 21:

Correspondent David Muir: "Are you going to run for president?"

Warren: "I'm not running for president. Nothing that could change your mind? Like I said, I'm not running for president."

Muir: "Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?"

Warren: "I think Hillary Clinton is terrific. We have got to stay focus on issues right now."

(Watch the interview here.)

* From "CBS This Morning" on April 22:

Co-Host Gayle King: "You say in the book you say three things you never thought you’d be: a blonde, meeting a president and a United States senator. Even when you were drafted to run, you said I don’t really want this job. I’m sick of politics. Your family told you not to do it. But here you sit today as a United States senator, and people are already thinking, buzz buzz buzz, president president president. I’ve heard you say no. I’ve heard you say no, but you’ve said no to many things. Why would you not even consider this, with the passion that you have?"

Warren: "I’m not running for president. We have to make changes right now. This is not about years from now and putting things off. We have got to focus right now on what’s happening in the United States Congress."

Co-Host Charlie Rose: "I just want to ask this one question because people raise this about you. You constantly say you’re not running for president. Does that mean you’re not running for president in 2016?"

Warren: "You can ask this a whole lot of different ways, but the key is, I’m not running for president. I’m out here working on the issues we need to work on right now. And I gotta say them: we need to refinance the student loan debt that’s outstanding, we need to raise the minimum wage, we need to secure social security and we need to hold those big financial institutions accountable, and we need to not put that off. We have to work on it right now. Like I talk about in the book, I got a fighting chance, we have to make sure that our kids have a fighting chance."

(Watch the interview here.)