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All the times President Obama was amazed by a robot

It's almost as if President Obama can't get enough robot encounters.

Maybe its because the White House has made a big push to promote K-12 science education with their White House science fair, or maybe its because we're rapidly hurtling toward a world in which robots become self-aware -- see this pic of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and a life-sized robot from earlier this week -- but either way, the president has managed to spend time with quite a few robots during his time in office.

Today, he met "Asimo" a Japanese, soccer playing robot about the size of a small child. "Asimo" is as cute as a button and may go down as the most attractive robot Obama has encountered. (No offense to the other robots, particularly those plotting a world takeover. The Fix is your friend. We welcome our new robot overlords.)

Here are four other times the President shared the stage with artificial intelligence.

1. That time the president hung out with a robot at a DC-area high school.

2. That time Obama marveled at the wonders of a robot elevator (it can take cargo up a 10 ft flag pole!)

3. That time before this time that Obama played soccer with a robot.

4. That time the robot man-handled a stuffed eagle in front of the president