Secretary of State John Kerry's dog Ben paid a visit to the State Department on Thursday. (State Department)

Thursday was bring your child to work day. (Whoops! Sorry Fix Jr. and Fix III. Or, you're welcome.) And, since Secretary of State John Kerry's kids are all grown up, he brought his dog, a dog who has a human name. His name is Ben. And he has his own Twitter handle -- @diplomutt. Get it? (Diplomutt currently has 866 followers although he's only tweeted twice. He follows five people, all of whom are State Department employees.)

"He’s named for Ben Franklin,” Kerry said about Ben. “You know, our first diplomat." Added the secretary of state: “There is one rule in show business, don’t do anything with kids or animals. I’m breaking those rules today, big time!"

Ben proved John's point by jumping up on him. (Bad dog!)

It's been a busy week for Ben Kerry. He celebrated his first birthday on Tuesday.