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Today, meet Roxanne "Rocky" Lara, Democrat running against Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.). Lara is a former Eddy County Commission chair who has been named to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Red to Blue" program. She's an advocate of comprehensive immigration reform and a former heads of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

Lara will have to win over moderates in an area that leans Republican. Pearce's 2nd district has been in GOP hands for more than three decades, with the exception of two years, between 2009 and 2011.

Below is Lara's Five Questions video segment, along with a transcript of our discussion, edited for brevity and clarity.

Democrat Rocky Lara is challenging Republican Steve Pearce for New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District. PostTV asks the attorney about her nickname and her favorite "Rocky" movie. (Theresa Poulson/The Washington Post)

1. Tell us about your nickname "Rocky," and how you got it.

I got the name Rocky when I was about a month old. One of my uncles started calling me that and it stuck all through my childhood. But what was interesting was, I took off to school, I came back and started my professional life and tried to stick with Roxanne. As I continued to try cases in the courtroom and advocate in the community my friends decided that Rocky needed to come back into my life. It started again a  few years ago and now everybody calls me Rocky.

2. Which "Rocky" movie is your favorite?

It's got to be the original. I'll never forget the first coach he had -- Mickey -- and him running up the stairs in Philadelphia. I have the movie poster hanging in my house.

3. Where do you stand on a New Mexico rivalry: Red or green (chiles)?

Christmas. I love red and green. I often don't get it together, but I do alternate.

4. Do you think Congress will pass immigration reform in 2014?

I don't know if they will or not. But I do believe strongly that it is the right thing to do. If called for a vote, I believe it would pass.

5. Which is more difficult, law school or running for Congress?

Running for Congress is a whole lot more fun than law school ever was.