Illinois must really stink.

Check out this latest Gallup polling on which states people are most likely to say they want to move out of.

Half -- yes, HALF -- of Illinois residents say they'd move out of the state if they could.  Trailing just slightly behind is Connecticut -- the Fix's home state! -- with 49 percent of its residents saying they would leave if they could. In a surprise to absolutely no one, Texas -- along with places like Hawaii and Montana -- is where residents were least likely to say they would move if they could. (The Fix in-laws are Texans and we can assure you almost no one in Texas willingly leaves there; there's a reason this bumper sticker doesn't exist for Connecticut.)

Illinois is on a real streak of late -- and not the good kind. Gallup data shows that just 25 percent of Illinois residents said it was the best state to live in -- by far the lowest of any of the 50 states.  And, just 28 percent of Illinoisans said they have a "great deal" or a "fair amount" of trust in state government, again the lowest in Gallup data. In 2012, a report out of the University of Illinois - Chicago said the state was the 3rd most corrupt in the country, adding:  "Since 1970, four Illinois governors have been convicted of corruption. Yet only  seven men have held this office in this time, meaning more than half of the state’s  governors have been convicted in the past forty-two years."

On the bright side for Illinois: Sufjan Stevens did an entire album about the state.