President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel inspect the herbs and vegetable garden of the White House in Washington, D.C. on May 2. (Guido Bergmann/EPA)

After they faced the national and international media to show solidarity on Russia and slightly less solidarity over secret surveillance programs, President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a walk through the garden.

The photo above captures the two political powerhouses checking out the much-talked-about herb and vegetable garden planted at the White House under the watchful eye of first lady Michelle Obama. Here's how WaPo described the garden in 2012:

Four growing seasons after the Obamas carved out the beds in a corner of the greensward, the White House vegetable garden has developed as the symbolic crossroads of a range of contemporary societal issues, some connected, others less so. Sustainable local agriculture, national farm policy, school gardens and, most of all, childhood nutrition and health have all found common ground in the garden.

That's some heavy stuff.

While this might have been the first time Merkel had laid eyes on the garden, she's sampled its wares before. During Merkel's official state visit, the theme was the "first harvest of spring" and as such, "many of the vegetables and herbs used to prepare this evening’s dinner came from the White House Kitchen Garden," according to the menu.