On Thursday evening, President Obama is scheduled to attend two fundraising events in Chicago, his 22nd and 23rd such events of the year. And they'll be on behalf of one of his favorite causes: Democratic Senate candidates.

We pulled data from Obama's schedule to put together a profile of how he's spent his fundraising time so far this year. If you just want the overview, here you go: a map of all 23 events across the country.

But the specifics are interesting. The year started slowly, really kicking into high gear only this month. He's averaged one fundraiser every six days so far in 2014, but that's without any events in January. In May, he's closer to an event every two days.

But Obama doesn't usually do only one event in a day. In part because the events tend to cluster around trips to other (usually blue) states, he'll pack them in. Only six of the 23 events were the only events he went to in a day. On one day, May 8, he attended three events in two cities in California.

Most of his energy is directed at raising money for the Democrats. There are three groups at stake:

  • The Democratic National Committee, which is the umbrella organization for the Democratic Party.
  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party committee for House candidates.
  • The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which does the same for the Senate.

In a year where the Democratic control of the Senate is at stake, it's probably no surprise that he's spent more time on the DSCC. (The numbers below total more than 23 because two events were joint fundraisers for the DCCC and DSCC.)

His favorite venue? Private homes and hotels. Six events have taken place at hotels. Fifteen have been at private residences. And once, on April 1, guests got to see the president at a Chicago steakhouse.