US President Barack Obama looks at a jersey worn by Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player, as he tours the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York, May 22, 2014SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama stopped by the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York to promote "tourism" -- okay.... -- and, as part of his tour of the facilities, stopped to look at a jersey worn by Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player to play in the major leagues in the modern era.

Here's the pool report of that moment:

At the exhibit focused on the African American baseball experience, the tour guide and Obama discussed the integration of baseball and Jackie Robinson’s role. “That’s great …. Gotta have everybody on the field,” Obama said.

The guide showed Obama a thick book detailing exhaustive records, pointing out the details of Jackie Robinson’s first at-bat. The guide told Obama that Robinson had been hit by pitches seven times during his first few months in the league. “Interesting to note,” Obama said.

The Obama White House previously played host to a viewing of "42", the biopic of Robinson's life, in the spring of 2013 -- a gathering attended by Robinson's widow, Rachel.  First Lady Michelle Obama said she was in "awe" of Rachel Robinson, adding: "You're left asking yourself, how on Earth did they do it? How did they endure the bigotry? While so many in this country still face clear challenges — they still exist today — I was struck by how far removed that way of life seems today."

Back in 2012, there was a rumor that President Obama planned to visit the set of "42" during a fundraising trip  to Atlanta. He wound up not going.