New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown has a pickup truck. He also had a pickup truck when he was a Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate (and Massachusetts senator). The truck became so synonymous with his (successful) 2010 campaign, that The Post once resorted to this headline: "Scott Brown kept on truckin' toward win."

How much does Scott Brown love his truck? It is almost always in his ads, and as he drops new spots for 2014, it has had a larger and larger role. His newest ad, released Thursday, uses the bumper-sticker-dusted truck as a backdrop.

"Scott Brown: For New Hampshire"

The truck appears for seven of the ad's 30 seconds, or 23 percent of the spot.

  • It is the backdrop for the introduction.
  • It appears again as a backdrop at the 13 second mark.
  • It appears at the 22-second mark as Brown wraps up.

Again, this is a high-water mark in Brown's New Hampshire bid. Below, four other Brown videos, presented in the order in which they were released. Watch as the truck becomes more and more prominent.

(Note: This is important political issue and if you disagree, that is too bad for you.)

"Scott Brown: Main Streets & Living Rooms Tour"

The truck appears for zero of the ad's 86 seconds, or 0 percent of the spot.

"Run Scott"

The truck appears for seven of the ad's 42 seconds, or 16.7 percent of the spot.

  • It only appears once, at the 35-second mark, serving as an anchor for the entire ad.

"The People's Voice"

The truck appears for two of the ad's 56 seconds, or 3.6 percent of the spot.

  • It appears at the 12-second mark, looking dirty and driving down the street.
  • It appears again at the 20-second mark, in the same lamentable condition.

"Scott Brown: Listening And Learning"

The truck appears for six of the ad's 30 seconds, or 20 percent of the spot.

  • There's a lot of the truck driving around, including the first four seconds.
  • It appears about ten seconds later, driving through the snow. (New Hampshire looks cold.)
  • One last shot of it driving around in the snow at the 24-second mark

Which brings us to today's ad, which, again, shows the truck for nearly a quarter of the spot.

If you're curious, we figured out how often Brown appears in the newest ad: about 11 seconds.