Annette Bosworth, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. (Argus Leader)

Annette Bosworth, a little-known U.S. Senate candidate from South Dakota, delivered tearful remarks to the media today decrying the "hateful," misogynistic things she's been called on the Internet.

Standing in a room covered with campaign signs that were defaced with the same graphic names she said she's been called on blogs and in the comments sections that accompany online news articles, Bosworth, a Republican, said: "The Democrats talk about a war on women, but much of what you see here is written by the supposedly tolerant liberals. They are hateful, they are hurtful and no person should have to endure it."

"It is its own form of abuse," she said, according to a video of the news conference posted online by the Argus Leader.

The event was billed as adults only"due to graphic matter."

"This room is an artistic representation of the atmosphere of this election," Bosworth said. "And if it feels oppressive or offensive and overwhelming, then the artists have done their jobs. I asked them go to the Internet, Google me and pick a name, spell it just how it's spelled on the Internet and represent that on my campaign sign."

Bosworth — considered a long-shot candidate for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Tim Johnson — is just the latest GOP female candidate to push back aggressively on the "war on women" narrative that Democrats have popularized.

"The misogyny is real," Bosworth said. "Go to the shootings in California. South Dakota is not unique. Our country has a problem."

Bosworth recently took some heat for apparently likening food stamp recipients to "wild animals" by sharing a viral image on her Facebook page. And she suggested that the incident may have touched off some of the backlash.

At least some of the blame is being directed at the media (surprise!) for allowing some of the comments to remain online.

"The strategy behind holding press conferences? I'm trying to give you a chance to redeem yourselves," Bosworth noted.

Watch the full video, via the Argus Leader: