It's extremely unlikely that Gov. Jerry Brown of California will run for president in 2016, despite his tease to The Post's Philip Rucker in a story published Wednesday.

But, oh, if he did. Such a move could renew one of the most ferocious feuds in Democratic politics: Jerry Brown vs. the Clintons.

Former Democratic state senator Martha Escutia takes a selfie with Gov. Jerry Brown. (AP)

Rucker mentions that feud, but it's really (really) better just to watch it. In 1992, Brown captured five states and a fifth of the vote in Democratic presidential primaries against then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. That March, the candidates met for a debate on the same day that The Post ran an article about Clinton's use of his wife's law firm for Arkansas state business.

Brown decided to bring it up.

Yes, that's the press laughing uproariously at the back-and-forth. Who can blame them?

After Clinton locked up the nomination, Brown pushed for the ability to give a speech from the floor of the Democratic Convention, hosted that year in New York City. He wasn't allowed to do so, but was eventually allowed to second his own nomination. He used the opportunity to launch into a restating of his campaign themes: fighting the "growing concentration of wealth" and banning "political action committees so people and corporations are on the same level." (If he does run in 2016, he's got his platform all-but-set.)

But it didn't end there. When Brown was running for governor of California (again) in 2010, he parlayed an attack from his Republican opponent, Meg Whitman, into an attack against Clinton.

That reference to the Monica Lewinsky affair prompted The Post to put together a photo gallery titled, "Clinton and Brown: A 20-year feud." Make it 24.

Bonus: Here's Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, hired by MTV to report on the 1992 Democratic Convention, interviewing delegates. Many of them were mad that Brown wasn't allowed to speak.

This has been included because, come on.