Someone snapped photos and recorded a video of President Obama working out in the gym at a Marriott in Warsaw, Poland. And guess what? It's real!

Leaked video shows President Obama lifting weights and running on an elliptical machine at a hotel in Warsaw, Poland. (NowThis News)

The video shows Obama in various stages of a workout including free weights, lunges and a stint on the elliptical machine. Clad in black workout pants and a zip-up track jacket and headphones, Obama scanned a row of dumbbells, chose a pair and started pumping iron. He let out a yawn while sitting on a bench before starting shoulder presses. We feel you, Mr. President.


Obama often complains about his lack of a life outside the White House bubble, but he was just another guy at the gym in Poland, using the elliptical in between two other people -- albeit just another guy who was being secretly taped while working out.


Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said the photos and video were, in fact, real, and taken during the president's normally off-the-record workout. Other gym-goers weren't asked to leave when the president came in for his workout and were not asked to refrain from taking photos. Donovan said it would be the same as if people took photos of Obama eating at a restaurant. All guests were put through a security screening before entering the hotel. (The photos first turned up on the Facebook page of a guy who shared workout space with the President.)

Obama arrived in Poland Tuesday as part of a three-country European trip. This shouldn't come as a surprise, but the gym at the Holmes Place Marriott looks pretty nice. Its website even gives exercise and health tips, including "5 best trainings for shaped summer glutes" and "What to do to minimize wrinkles?"