The Census Bureau is out with a report on how much English is being spoken in the homes of foreign-born Americans.

The data show that about half of immigrants nationwide (50.1 percent) speak English less than "very well." But that number is anywhere from 22 percent to 59 percent depending on which state you're in.

Below, we've mapped the data, with immigrants in the darker states speaking English the least:

The three states with the fewest English speakers include two that are probably no surprise — California and Texas — but the state that leads the pack might surprise you. It's Nebraska.

The state with the most English-speaking immigrants is Montana, where just 22 percent can't speak English well.

The bureau also reports that 84.6 percent of immigrant homes speak a language other than English. Texas has the most such homes, at 91.3 percent, while Montana has the fewest, at 49.4 percent.