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Hillary Clinton’s complicated views on gay marriage, diagrammed

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On Thursday afternoon, NPR aired an interview between Hillary Clinton and Fresh Air host Terry Gross. The interview was noteworthy primarily because of how contentious it was, with Clinton accusing Gross of "playing with [her] words."

It's fair to say, however, that Clinton's words lacked some clarity, which was Gross' point. We built a diagram to make sense of it.  (All of these quotes are taken from her interview with Gross.)

Now, we make no claims as to the veracity or efficacy of Clinton's argument. (Was the Defense of Marriage Act something that "allowed the states to act" on gay marriage?) We merely did our best to depict the argument that Clinton appeared to be making.

We can't really blame Gross for trying to nail Clinton down, however. In 1996, NPR's Scott Simon interviewed Clinton for Weekend Edition. Here's part of the exchange, via the Clinton Presidential Library.