When Rep. Eric Cantor lost his Republican primary in Virginia on Tuesday, everyone tuned in to watch the mayhem unfurl. It was like watching a 48-hour "Mad Men" marathon -- everyone was on Twitter reacting to the latest drama, watching people drink away their sorrows.

There was a lot of crying.

(Source: GIF-Central)

So many tears.

We aren't kidding.

And there were a lot of tweets that looked like more useful "Mad Men" teasers, providing brief, tantalizing tidbits of what's happening with the most austere economy of words. Especially from the aforementioned Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, Twitter poet of the Cantor succession.

We aren't alone in thinking that. Others agree.

Even the people in the scrum couldn't help but take part in the Twitter commentary.

There were secret meetings.

There was secret pasta.

Also pizza. Costa might have even ordered the food for the Republican leaders, having learned from a source what they wanted beforehand.

There were salmon ties.

People stormed into offices.

Members of Congress reenacted Strutting Leo.

Source: Know Your Meme
(Source: Know Your Meme)

There was silent fuming.

And, like in any great dramatic work, people alternated between quoting Winston Churchill and crying.

There were also explainers.

And, lucky for you, the action is still going!

In short, #ff @costareports for House GOP secret meetings and Twitter poetry.