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Our fifth-oldest president, George H. W. Bush, jumped out of a plane again

Update: The jump was a success. Here's a snapshot:

The original post follows:

The announcement came on Twitter.

George H. W. Bush, who on Thursday celebrates his 90th birthday, is jumping out of an airplane.  He's done it before, on his 80th and 85th birthdays (see below, or video here), not to mention having to bail out of his torpedo bomber during World War II. As the Associated Press notes, today's outing comes despite the fact that Bush mostly must use a wheelchair due to a form of Parkinson's.

Bush is only the fifth president to be a nonagenarian -- but Jimmy Carter, born only four months after Bush, will hit the milestone later this year. The longest-living presidents, by number of days lived:

  • Gerald Ford: 34,133 days
  • Ronald Reagan: 34,088 days
  • John Adams: 33,119 days
  • Herbert Hoover: 32,943 days
  • George H. W. Bush: 32,872 days
  • Jimmy Carter: 32,761 days
  • Harry S. Truman: 32,373 days
  • James Madison: 31,150 days
  • Thomas Jefferson: 30,397 days
  • Richard Nixon: 29,688 days

Or if you prefer, here's the whole set. Those in green are still adding days to their tallies.

Bush, as far as we know, is the only one to go skydiving as a hobby, much less once he passed the 90-year mark.