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Chelsea Clinton reportedly made $600,000 for a year’s work at NBC. And Twitter went wild.

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Bill and Hillary aren't the only Clintons who know how to make a dollar. According to a report at Politico, Chelsea Clinton was paid $600,000 by NBC to act as a special correspondent for the network, including on the now-cancelled show "Rock Center with Brian Williams."

A spokesperson for Clinton reached by the Post didn't confirm the figure, referring questions to NBC. But it didn't take long for the report to ripple online (largely among journalists who probably earn somewhat less), often linked to Hillary Clinton's remarks earlier this week about the family being "dead broke" in 2001.

To that last point, Clinton's salary is far lower than other network TV stars — but for far fewer appearances. NBC's Matt Lauer reportedly makes $20 to 25 million a year, almost 50 times as much, but also working nearly every weekday. (NBC just renewed his contract.) In 2012, Lauer's co-host Savannah Guthrie made $2 million according to Radar, less than four times what Clinton made around the same time period. (We'll note that The Fix's Chris Cillizza is also a paid contributor to NBC and MSNBC.)

Clinton's interviews were originally focused on "Rock Center"'s "Making a Difference" series. But she did other segments, too. Talking Points Memo found nine reports identifying Clinton as a correspondent between 2011 and 2013. (If you're curious, $600,000 divided by nine is $66,666.) That year, she interviewed Stella McCartney, who, as Brian Williams noted, was also the daughter of a celebrity. And, of course, there was this awkward April 2013 interview between her and the gecko mascot for Geico Insurance.

Clinton doesn't seem to have the same on-air charisma as other politician's-children-turned-TV-news-participants, of which there are several. There's Jenna Bush Hager, who's had a contract with NBC since 2009 for segments produced for the Today show. Bush's most recent segment was an interview with none other than former president George W. Bush, her father. (A spokesperson for NBC confirmed to the Post that Bush is still under contract with the network.) Meghan McCain had a brief contract with MSNBC; she now hosts a show on a small network called "Raising McCain."

Chelsea Clinton is also the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, although IRS filings indicate that the position is unpaid.

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