The Sunday morning shows today were all Iraq and Eric Cantor, with every show leading with a discussion of the ongoing turmoil in Iraq and then following up with discussions of the surprise primary upset of Cantor, the House majority leader.

But first, let us kick things off with "Meet the Press," where NBC correspondent Luke Russert remembers his father, Tim Russert, the show's legendary host.

Also on "Meet the Press" this week was former GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who leveled sharp criticism at President Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. He also discussed Cantor's surprising loss in Tuesday's Virginia congressional primary as well as the future of the Republican Party.

Speaking of Cantor, his ouster in a shocking electoral defeat Tuesday dominated several of the Sunday shows. In his first interview since the loss, Cantor spoke with CNN's Dana Bash.

Meanwhile, CBS's Bob Schieffer took some time on "Face the Nation" to offer a historical perspective on the Cantor loss.

As for the Iraq crisis, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a leading Republican critic of President Obama's handling of the issue, appeared on CNN.