Talking to an audience in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, President Obama informed the world that his daughter Malia gave him a personal letter for Father's Day. That, in his estimation, was "much more important to me than if she had texted an emoji, or whatever those things are."

Emoji, as the president clearly knew, are a set of pictorial characters that are popular among users of social media. Obama tried to play it off, in the way that an awkward middle-aged dad tries to play off knowing about things his kids are into while at the same time trying to show how "with it" he is by referring to it.

What would it look like if the White House retrofitted its tweets to accommodate the newly emoji-friendly administration?  We thought we'd explore that idea using our own detailed emoji knowledge. (NOTE: These are real White House tweets. We added the emojis. But you should already know that.)

Here's a few from the President's Pittsburgh visit.



Then, the tweet announcing that Obama would advocate an expansion of a Pacific marine sanctuary.

And Joe Biden's tweet about the men's soccer team.


Now, a few oldies-but-goodies.


And, of course, the tweet that, until Ellen Degeneres' Oscar stunt, was the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter.


The first administration to actually use emoji in a tweet will be that of whichever Millennial is the first to be elected president. Probably Selena. (Gomez. Does that make us seem "with it"?)