Update, 6 pm 6/18: I asked Kevin Schaul, who built this quiz to aggregate 20,000 responses -- a sample of the massive total number of submissions -- into a heat map. He did. Just more than 400 people (two percent) came within 10 miles of the actual location of Benghazi.

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Benghazi -- and the attacks that occurred there on Sept. 11, 2012 -- is back in the news with the capture of Ahmed Khattala, one of the leaders of the attack.

Despite Khattala's capture, the issue of what happened on the night almost two years ago remains a major bone of contention between the two parties with the public leaning in the direction of wanting to know more about exactly what happened.

For most people, however, Benghazi  remains a name without much context -- up to and including where exactly it's located.

Put yourself to the test: Use the simple quiz below to pin Benghazi's location; just move the blue pin to where you think it is (HINT: It is not in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and see how close you get. (And kudos to WaPo graphics editor Kevin Schaul for building it)