Press secretary Jay Carney talked about his "extraordinarily gratifying" experience working at the White House during his last news conference in that role. (

Three weeks after announcing he would be leaving the White House, press secretary Jay Carney stepped away from the podium for the final time on Wednesday. (Carney's official last day is Friday but he won't be giving another briefing to the White House press corps.)

He entered the room to a Guided by Voices tune -- "Motor Away". (Here's Carney talking about his love for Guided By Voices.) Then he spoke in glowing terms of the opportunity the job afforded him. "This has been an extraordinary experience, and I have loved every minute of every day, even the many minutes of many days that I’ve spent in this room," said Carney.

When Carney initially announced his departure -- at the end of May -- we documented his greatest hits in the job as well as his many faces.  And we noted earlier today where he's likely to work after the White House. (Think TV, as reported by WaPo's Al Kamen.)

But, here's how we'll always remember Jay: